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Dumbbell for elder person

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[Kooklimwon Co.,Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Dumbbell for elder person


  • Material : Ash tree, Chinese lacquer, Ramie, Mother-of-pearl

  • Technique and Manufacture Process
    - It is a fitness dumbbell for elderly people, which is very light and helpful in making a move with arms naturally when they jog or take a walk holding this dumbbell in their hand.
    - It is well-designed with an ash tree that changes its color to blue when in water and also is close-grained and hard, It also physically strengthens the muscles in the hand when you grip this handle that is weaved a ramie fabric together, so lets people enjoy healthy life.


  • The weight is adjustable by adding metal to the center of dumbbell.
  • Chinese lacquer not only can help prevent atopy but also effect on mothproof, dampproof, antisepsis, antibacterial, purification and sterilization.
    * Chinese lacquer Component test results completed : Declination rate of bacteria 99.9%